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Corporation Inc. is an award-winning video game about critical thinking.

Corporation Inc. is a winning video game of the critical thinking game design challenge presented by Jennifer Ann's Group.

Design and Development - KSU Narrative Game Lab - Victoria Lagrange, Lab Director

DeVon Adams, Cole Andrews, Johnathon Autry, Amelia Barnett, Amber Casper, Courtney Chester, Angelique Cooper, Aidan Fushimi, Josh Lasky, Moki Murillo, Anthony Polidura, Katherine Simons, Kylie Wester, Milo Wilson

Producer - Jennifer Ann's Group
Publisher - Life Love Publishing

Coming: 2024

Corporation Inc, a critical thinking video game presented by Jennifer Ann's Group.

Critical Thinking cat is thinking that this is more comfortable than it appears.

These resources are helpful in applying the lessons learned about critical thinking when playing Corporation Inc..

  • Corporation Inc. Lesson Plan (coming soon)
    A lesson plan for use by educators is currently being developed. The lesson plan will be released when Corporation Inc. is released to the public this Winter.
  • Play Corporation Inc. in your browser (coming soon)
    Corporation Inc. will be available to play in your web browser when it is published.
  • Trailer for Corporation Inc.
    Game trailer for Corporation Inc.
    Please note that this video game trailer is based on the version of Corporation Inc. submitted to the critical thinking game design challenge. The game has been revised and the published version differs from the original version.

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