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Figure It Sprout is an award-winning critical thinking game.

★ The educational edition is available to play now: Figure It Sprout

About Figure It Sprout

Three colorful potted plants from Figure It Sprout.

Maggie has received a gift in the mail.

It is a treasured plant, sent by a treasured family member.

And as one plant - becomes two - then becomes three - Maggie must carefully consider how to manage an ever-growing garden.

Join Maggie on her journey as she explores her precious garden. Together, you will test new ways to optimize the limited space in her charming apartment. Drawing on encouraging notes, tips, and support, you will help Maggie to cultivate a seemingly ever-expanding collection of plants.

A colorful potted daisy from Figure It Sprout.

And as your mind wrestles with the increasingly difficult task, you might find - as does Maggie - that quiet, considered, time alone with your thoughts can help one appreciate what really, truly matters.


Design and Development
David Li, Quang Nguyen, Gaby Sanchez, Kitty Huang, Isaac Orozco

Producer - Jennifer Ann's Group       Publisher - Life Love Publishing

Figure It Sprout is a winning critical thinking video game from the 2023 game design challenge presented by Jennifer Ann's Group.
The published game has been updated from the version submitted for competition.

Educational Edition is available now!

Video trailer for Figure it Sprout, a critical thinking video game presented by Jennifer Ann's Group.

Critical Thinking cat is thinking that this is more comfortable than it appears.

Figure It Sprout: Educational Edition   Resources

These resources are helpful in applying the lessons learned about critical thinking when playing Figure It Sprout: Educational Edition .

  • Play Figure It Sprout: Educational Edition  in your browser (available now)
    Figure It Sprout: Educational Edition is available to play now in all modern web browsers. It is also available to downlod for Windows & Linux. The game is free with no ads, no in-app purchases, and no tracking. This critical thinking game also includes an educator-created lesson plan and slide deck for classroom use.
  • Trailer for Figure It Sprout  (available now)
    Game trailer for Figure It Sprout. Please note that this video game trailer is based on the version of Figure It Sprout  submitted to the critical thinking game design challenge. The game has been revised and the published version differs from the original version.
  • Figure It Sprout  Lesson Plan (available now)
    An educator-developed critical thinking lesson plan is available for classroom use. The lesson plan has two versions: colorful and print-friendly (PDF 3 pages). There is also a companion slide deck (PDF 8 pages). Play Figure It Sprout: Educator's Edition to access these resources.

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